This necklace that can be made into bracelets was designed and made by Liz Stechschulte. IPhoto submitted)
This necklace that can be made into bracelets was designed and made by Liz Stechschulte. IPhoto submitted)
GLANDORF - If you watched the Golden Globe awards on Sunday you might not have realized their was a local connection. The daughter of a Glandorf native, Liz Stechschulte, designed and made the handcrafted gemstone necklaces included in the swag bags of nine press and media members at the event.
The gemstone necklaces are handcrafted black onyx necklaces that can be converted into multiple bracelets.

Although Stechschulte is a native of Washington, D.C, her father, the late Joseph Stechschulte, was originally from Glandorf and Liz still has many relatives living in Putnam County.

"We often visited my grandparents during the summer and connected with our relatives in Glandorf," Stechschulte said. "We have fond childhood memories and it is sad that our grandparents and dad are no longer with us."

This is Stechschulte's second big event in the entertainment world.

Her first event participation was the Oscar's 2013 where her handcrafted energy gemstone jewelry was in the swag bags for the celebrities and nominees.

Following the Oscar's Liz participated in a TV show gifting. Her Carnelian antique bronze leaf earrings were worn by actress Nina Dobrev in The Vampire Diaries, episode 506, A CW hit TV show.

"A lady from Italy was so excited over the design and bought a pair and said how much she loves it," said Stechschulte.

She also submitted a men's boho/rocker necklace for consideration to the stylists of the hit NBC show, The Voice.

"This year I am submitting one of my designs for consideration to the stylists of "The Bachelorette", the long running ABC TV show for the 2014 season."

Stechschulte has a passion for jewelry making. Some of her work was included in the Luxury Gift Lounge at the Academy Awards. She designed and created 100 luxe inspirational gemstone energy bracelets for the event. Her participation was made possible by The Artist Group, a juried artisan promotions group specializing in handcrafted products. Their mission is to introduce Hollywood to the best-of-the-best handcrafted products.

Stechschulte gives her family credit for her journey. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from American University and also worked at George Washington University Medical Center. But it was her love of jewelry that led her down a different path.

Stechschulte said she always loved jewelry and her passion for gemstones led her to GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, where she studied Gemology. She has been designing and handcrafting jewelry for almost ten years.

Her father was an English teacher who taught at Woodrow Wilson High School. He also taught Jazz music at the University of the District of Columbia and during his retirement years he did paintings with all types of media, depicting scenes of Glandorf, portraits of a jazz musician he loved and still life paintings of flowers in their English garden in Glandorf.

Stechschulte said her father was instrumental in her jewelry designing.

"He created a mini-library of jewelry books for me. These books helped to advance me in my jewelry designing and techniques," she said. "Two books in particular by Edgar Casey served as the inspiration for the collection of the gemstone energy bracelets that went to the 2013 Oscars Gift Baskets.

Her mother is originally from the Philippines and worked as a senior accountant at The American University and the National Academy of Sciences. She is also a knit and crochet designer and for years her handmade products were carried by high end boutiques, department stores and wearable art galleries from Washington, DC to Carmel Calif.

In addition to her Ethereal Energy shop on Etsy, Stechschulte has also set up "Trufflemint" a shop for everyday jewelry for every woman. She describes this as affordable jewelry without sacrificing quality.

"We also have "Gems of Mary" a Catholic religious handcrafted jewelry shop with the mission of contributing a portion of our proceeds to three Catholic religious groups," she said.

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