OTTAWA — Mike Morman, Ottawa, was reappointed on Thursday to the Putnam County Veterans Service Commission. Morman has served as a member of the Commission for 32 consecutive years.

Immediately in front of the bench from which he presided over a legal proceeding just minutes before, Putnam Common Pleas Judge Randall Basinger administered the oath to Morman. Putnam County Veterans Services Director Joe Moenter stood nearby.

Putnam County has five Veterans Service Commission board members, each selected by the Common Please judge to serve a five- year term. According to Moenter, they represent the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans and Americans Veterans. Morman represents Vietnam Veterans of America.

"Since Putnam County does not have a Vietnam Veterans of America organization, he is sitting at an 'at large' seat," said Moenter.

The Ohio Legislature established the Veterans Service Commission in 1886. The purpose of the commission, and the role of appointees such as Morman, is to assist veterans and their families. The Putnam County Veterans Service Commission provides financial assistance, referrals, information and aid in obtaining Department of Veterans Affairs benefits. Each of the 88 counties in Ohio has a board of five appointed commissioners who administer the program for their respective county.