By Leslie Noia

Staff Writer

KALIDA - The Kalida village council meeting was held on Monday, Nov. 5 at 7:30 p.m. One item the village spoke about was the transfer of a liquor license for a new owner at Scooter's in Kalida. A motion was made and approved by council to transfer the license. The new name will be Thirsty's Food and Spirits.

Separately, the police department asked council for a weapons mounting system for their police cruiser. Currently the shotgun is stored in a case in the trunk of the car. The rack would make for easier access and better storage. It would also be quicker for the officers to get to the gun if it was located on a rack in the car. The police chief brought two quotes with installation to council, one for a single rack at $490 and another for a dual rack at $785.

The chief stated it would be better if they got the dual rack because once they are able to carry a riffle along with the shot gun, they would have the same problem as they do now. The council agreed with the chief to purchase the dual gun rack as it was in their budget.
The council also discussed new business which included a renewal contract, and an update of the park. The Board of Public Affairs (BPA) brought up an item to the council concerning the watering of the new ballpark. They had some inquires of an irrigation system to water the infield of the ballpark. The park is owned by the village but the BPA members thought that the village might be paying more than they should for water in the end. The council discussed changing an ordinance to allow a well or maybe increasing taxes on water. Another option that was brought up was to pump water from a pond near the field. No decision was made and the council will discuss it further at a later date.

The next Kalida village council meeting will be Nov. 19 at 7:30 p.m.