By Leslie Noia

Staff Writer

PUTNAM COUNTY - The election for Putnam County Commissioner was a good night for current commissioners Vince Schroeder and Travis Jerwers. Vince Schroeder won his race to continue serving the people of Putnam County as a commissioners. Schroeder has served as commissioner for the last eight years.

During his time as a commissioner he has helped balance the budget by paying off the jail construction debt and landfill closure debt early which in turn saved the county half a million dollars in interest. "I want to thank the people of Putnam County for putting trust in me. I appreciate this opportunity to serve them all," stated Schroeder.
Jerwers, also held onto his position as Putnam County Commissioner. Jerwers has served as Putnam County Commissioner for the last four years.

"I came into office for the tax payers, they were the priority then and are now. My objective for office will be to reduce taxes and spending and protect the homeowners. I appreciate the support of the tax payers and for those who voted for me and those who did not," stated Jerwers after his win. Jerwers placed a need for government to stay out of the way of small businesses and the private sector so they can expand without government limits.

The final vote counts in Putnam County for the commissioners were as follows: Travis Jerwers, 7,478; Mark Schmiedebusch, 3,958; Mike Lammers, 3,132; and Dan Honingford, 2,943. Vince Schroeder, 10,999 and Barry Woodyard, 5,669.