John Recker spoke at Tuesday, March 6 Ottawa-Area Chamber of Commerce meeting
John Recker spoke at Tuesday, March 6 Ottawa-Area Chamber of Commerce meeting
OTTAWA - The Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce learned about the JobsOhio program and Putnam County's role in economic development as John Recker of the Regional Growth Partnership and JobsOhio was the speaker at this month's meeting held on Wednesday, Mar. 5. Recker spoke about JobsOhio as a lead economic development organization as it progresses in its third year under an initiative from Gov. John Kasich.
Recker's job includes business development and focusing on outside sales. He also works with local organizations as a part of business retention, expansion and attraction. One item Recker discussed with the group was the increase in economic development in Ohio. The state was recently named third in the nation and "Best in the Midwest" for lowest effect tax rate on new investment and was also ranked third in the nation for the friendliest business tax.

According to the JobsOhio's website, 57 of the Fortune 1,000 list of largest U.S. companies are based in Ohio, placing the state fifth in the nation. Ohio is also home to nine major banks and insurance companies, second only to New York in terms of concentration in a single state.

A chamber member asked Recker how he thinks Putnam County is doing economically. Recker answered, saying, "I think we look great. We have one of the lowest (unemployment) rates in our region and strong companies in our region. We are hearing that Putnam County workers are something special."

Recker explained the benefits for businesses being in Ohio and what companies look for when trying to find a place to develop. One thing companies are interested in is location and Ohio's logistical infrastructure is designed to move parts and products in and out fast. Ohio is home to five international airports making travel for business easy. Another important site factor that Putnam County particularly can give is large areas for growth. Companies look for a region where their business can grow and in Putnam County they can find room to expand.

Other factors companies look into are the communities and what they have to offer.

"This is where a Chamber of Commerce is key to economic development," said Recker. He explained that companies look into the communities' websites and what they have to offer before visiting. He said it is important for businesses to maintain up to date information on their websites because it is their first impression to potential employers.