OTTAWA — The Village of Ottawa Council looked ahead to warmer weather projects during the Jan. 27 meeting, after a review of the cost of this winter’s flooding, freeze and blowing snow.

Assistant Municipal Director Jason Phillips presented Council with a tally of actual costs associated with recent storm events. Flooding associated with heavy rains and subsequent rising Blanchard River resulted in a total cost of $5,727 from Dec. 21 through Dec. 26. Twenty-five tons of salt and 2,000 gallons of brine were used, and 129 hours of overtime were needed when frigid temperatures froze the receding floodwaters on streets, sidewalks and lots.

The actual cost for the Dec. 30 through Jan. 2 snow storm totalled $3,872. Twenty tons of salt and 4,000 gallons of brine were used to tame snowy and icy surfaces. Overtime hours totalled 89. Less than a week later, a second snow storm required the application of 40 tons of salt and 6,000 gallons of brine from Jan. 5 through 8. Thirty-one overtime hours were necessary to complete the job.

Looking ahead to warm weather, Ottawa Park Board President Brad Leis announced the Community Park pool will be open June 7 through Aug. 9.

Other Council business included:

-the state of the YMCA was presented by YMCA Executive Director Lori Fetherolf;

-approval of a $12,000 contribution, to be paid in quarterly installments of $3,000, to the Putnam County Community Improvement Corporation;

-approval of a $20 one-time rebate to Ottawa residents who install a rainbarrel that is inspected and approved by the Village;

-passage of Resolution 6414 which appoints Denise Balbaugh, Certified Floodplain Administrator, as designee for all matters pertaining to the implementation of the Hazard Mitigation Grant Project FEMA-DR-4077.11R-OH.