OTTAWA - On Thursday Jan. 3 the Putnam County Commissioners met for their regular scheduled meeting at 10 a.m. The commissioners approved the new sewer rates brought by the Village of Ottawa.
Because the Village of Ottawa increased their sewer rates, the commissioners approved a resolution to adjust the rates to accommodate the increase.

For Sewer District 1 the new rates will be for residences outside village boundaries, $92.70 per month (was $91) and residences inside the village boundaries will be $29 per month (was $27).

For Sewer District 2, residents are currently charged $86 per month for sewer. With the increase it will be $87.61 per month. Pohl Road residences are currently charged $75 per month. The increase will make make it $81.73 per month.

These increases are effective Jan. 1 2013. The commissioners agreed to continue to invoice the residents on a monthly basis. Invoices will be mailed approximately on the 15 of each month. A penalty of ten percent will be assessed if the previous billed amount is not paid for by the first of the following month billed.

The Putnam County Commissioners will meet again on Tuesday, Jan. 8 for their regular agenda meeting at 10 a.m.