OTTAWA — A former Cherry’s Propane Service employee has been charged with two felonies: one felony for theft and another for tampering with records.

Based on allegations, from about 2008 through November 2012, Christine Wilson, McComb, was primarily responsible for accepting payments from customers for the Ottawa-based business.

“At times, when customers made cash payments, she would allegedly put that cash into her pocket instead of handing it over to Cherry’s Propane. That’s the theft,” said Todd Schroeder, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney with the Putnam County Prosecutor’s office. “The tampering with records is that, in order to cover her tracks she then went through the transactions records of Cherry’s, destroying and removing and deleting records relating to the customer.”

Through these actions Wilson is charged with pocketing a total amount over $100,000. Wilson served a prior federal prison term for doing the same while employed with a bank in McComb in 2000. According to Schroeder, Wilson denies any culpability and is exercising her right to a trial. That trial begins on Monday at 9 a.m. in the Putnam County Common Pleas Court.