OTTAWA — If your weekday schedule is such that you don’t watch much daytime television, then you probably haven’t caught the classic game show “The Price is Right” in a while. But if you are a Putnam County native, or better still, are acquainted with Ottawa resident Ruth Drerup, you probably made sure to catch the episode that aired on June 11.

Ruth Drerup, Ottawa, was able to check a big item off her bucket list on April 15 when she appeared as a contestant on the daytime-TV staple “The Price is Right”.

As Drerup herself will tell you, everyone that knows her has been forewarned not to call her during the 11 o’clock hour, Monday through Friday, because she watches the show and has since the early days of its airing on CBS.

Drerup is such a fan that last Christmas her children presented her with a large envelope, one which was designed to resemble the price tag nametag worn by each “The Price is Right” contestant. The envelope contained tickets to the show as well as a fluorescent green shirt imprinted with “Ottawa, Ohio loves Drew Carey”. For those out of the loop, Carey took over as host of the show in 2007.

“I don’t think she believed she was going until we booked the plane tickets,” said Drerup’s daughter Mary Jo Williams. Williams and her sisters Laurie Keifer-Drerup and Lynn Maag accompanied their mother to California as well as in “The Price is Right” audience.

Although the show was filmed in April, Drerup wasn’t allowed by the show’s producers to let anyone know how she fared as a contestant until the episode rolled out to viewers around the world. In honor of the big reveal, the Drerups hosted a party at the Ottawa American Legion Post 63 on June 11. Friends and family packed the hall and crowded around every television to watch Drerup play the game that means so much to her.

Up to the moment that the show’s theme music cued-up and the cameras panned the April 15 gameshow audience, Drerup and her daughters had been holding their collective breaths. According to Drerup, if the episode failed to air, any prizewinnings would be forfeit.

Her patient silence paid off. Because Drerup was able to keep mum about not only making it up on stage, spinning the wheel to land on a solid $100 which allowed her to move as one of two final contestants in the final showcase (she won), she will now be able to claim her big prize of a trips to Seattle, Portugal and Australia—a prize package valued up to $41,000.

“Glad the cat’s finally out of the bag!” said Maag.