FORT JENNINGS - The Playing Hardball Against ALS (PHAALS) Foundation in Fort Jennings has taken a giant step toward success. With the recent expansion into the college world, the list of events continues to grow.
"We are excited to be expanding into the college level for events with OHU and Defiance College becoming host schools. This will allow us to expand and promote our mission and bring awareness to so many more individuals that may not know about ALS," said CEO and Founder, Jeff Swick. " I continue to work hard everyday to promote, improve and strengthen the cause and mission of the PHAALS Foundation."
The goal for the foundation is not to be satisfied with the Northwest Ohio, or even Ohio alone.
"We are working with minor league teams in Lincoln Nebraska and in California. We are working with individuals on the East Coast to form partnerships with them to support and promote not only the foundation, but awareness and support for all patients and families fighting against Lou Gehrigs," said Swick.
As a non-for-profit, the foundation is to help both victims and families that deal with ALS, as it strikes without much warning at a fast pace.
"Our Diamond Dreams Program and the Hall of Fame Legend Scholarship are two of our ways that we will be helping support families battling Lou Gehrig's Disease. We are excited to provide such opportunity and support to all people stricken with ALS."
The seed was planted last April when the first Playing Hardball Against ALS event was held. Both Leipsic and Fort Jennings are the homes of the Legands Gene 'Yogi' VonLemdon and Dan 'Orsan' Mangas, and those two high school baseball teams took Fort Jennings field in honor of the two men.
"With both of our 'Founding Fathers' having passed away, less than eight months after the event, now more than ever we all need to recognize what this disease is. We cannot wait until tomorrow, we have to act now. Every 90 seconds, someone is diagnosed and every 90 seconds someone else dies from this horrible illness. Please come join the fight this coming April," Swick finished. For a complete list of events and more information about the PHAALS Foundation, please visit The PHAALS Foundation on Facebook, or