PANDORA - During its Sept. 10 meeting, Pandora Council approved the first reading of a resolution authorizing the commissioners to file an application to the state to participate in the Local Government Innovation Fund Program. Putnam County Commissioner John Love was present at the meeting to ask for council's support. After a lengthy discussion, council approved the measure, but deleted a section which stated the collaborative party would incur expenses as to the local share of the funding.

There is no cost for a municipality to join. Pandora Mayor John Schlumbohm said only those who benefit from the projects would pay for it.

"This will pay for itself," Schlumbohm said. "It's all consumer driven."

Meanwhile, Charles Hackworth presented to council a sketch for his proposed housing development. He is proposing to split five lots into 0.5-acres size on the south end of his property. The land is near St. John Mennonite Church and has been annexed into the village. Hackworth asked council members if they had any concerns with his proposal as he is trying to investigate any potential issues before spending money on the engineering. Members did not express any issues with the plan and offered their support. Schlumbohm reminded Hackworth that he can apply for a CRA (Community Reinvestment Act), up to 10 years.

Schlumbohm also gave council information regarding the auction of the old maintenance building on Krohn Street. It was the consensus of council to hire Aaron Siefker to conduct the auction and for a reserve to be placed as to the selling price of the building. No definitive amount was set. Siefker's fees include a five percent commission, plus advertising expenses.

Fiscal Officer Lana Burry also informed council she received information from Adam Cupp, the agent for the village health insurance. He re-negotiated the premium increase with Medical Mutual and the company decreased the renewal premium by three percent. The renewal premium has been reduced to 7.3 percent effective Oct. 1.