Jeffrey Perry sentenced to life in prison
Jeffrey Perry sentenced to life in prison
OTTAWA - Jeffrey Perry, former teacher at Continental High School was sentenced to life in prison on Monday at the Putnam County Common Pleas Court for three counts of rape.

Previously, Perry was charged with two counts pandering obscenity involving a minor, two counts pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor, two counts illegal use of minor in nudity oriented material, four counts gross sexual imposition and five counts rape. On Jan. 8 Perry pleaded guilty to three counts of rape. Child pornography-related crimes were dismissed.
Judge Randall Basinger stated, "in my many years on the bench this report is perhaps the most uncalled and despicable underlying conduct that I have seen in perhaps the thousands of cases I have seen in the last 30 years".

"Your actions not only with the direct victim but your other actions that are documented are truly appalling. You are not fit to live in a free society. They are some of the most despicable acts that I think most people could even imagine," said Basinger.

Basinger explained that Perry's actions were so rare and unusual that a single term would not adequately effect the seriousness of the conduct.

Perry received three counts one of life imprisonment. The three sentencings will be served consecutively and Perry would be ineligible on each count for a period of at least 25 years for these counts to be aggregated. "In any case it is my recommendation that you should never be released," said Basinger.