KALIDA - Kalida Police Chief Jim Gulker discussed explosions heard outside the village of Kalida at the council meeting on Monday, March 4. A resident reported an explosion that shook their house right around dinner time, between 5:30 to 6 p.m on Sunday, March 3.
"A resident called me and she said the explosion kind of rattled her house," he said. Gulker explained the police department believes shooters are using a binary explosive called tannerite. Tannerite causes a target to explode when fired upon and is a legal product anyone can buy.

"From what I was told, there is no law against it, other than you can try citing for disorderly conduct," stated Gulker. "Some counties have been trying to push it to be a felony by shooting this compond because of the panic it can cause. Obviously that is up to indiviual counties on what they want to do and how they word it," he said.

Another item the council addressed with Gulker was a report about break-ins happening around the county. From Feb. 16-18, one break-in was reported in Kalida along with one attempted break-in. "It is mostly in the south portion of the county, in the Vaunghsville-Rimer area," said Gulker. He shared the break-ins have been in detached garages without alarm systems. The one break-in reported near Kalida was at a garage that was unlocked. The attempted break-in involved the door to a garage being pried with a crow bar but access was not gained.