With the recent acts at Sandy Hook Elementary, Putnam County school officials are being asked about the safety of their children.
Leipsic Superintendent Greg Williamson wants to ensure the parents that the staff of Leipsic School District is doing all they can to keep the students safe.

"I believe that schools need to create and maintain safe and secure environments for effective learning to take place. This doesn't always mean just protecting against strangers from coming into our school; but also, creating a climate of kindness within the building. Many times we hear of incidents when the violator is a current or former student. This typically happens because of an unpleasant event that has happened to them at school. If all schools can go above and beyond to create a trusting, safe, kind environment for everyone; then maybe there can be a decrease in violence at schools."
With a safety plan in place, the students and teachers are learning new ways to help keep the environment safe.

"We will continue to stay current with school safety research and practices for the students and staff's peace of mind. When violence happens at schools, it starts and finishes so fast. We need to know what to do in an instant...there is not enough time to get your school safety plan out of the drawer and find out how we should respond to a specific situation," said Williamson.

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