PUTNAM COUNTY - Putnam County had no fatality crashes during 2013 and records indicate there was a significant decrease in the number of both injury and property damage crashes in the county last year.

A five year comparison released by the Ohio Department indicates there were 44 injury crashes in Putnam County during 2013. This compares to 104 injury crashes in 2012 and 96 injury crashes in 2011.
The Office of Public Safety also indicated there were 26 non-injury crashes during 2013.

The records also indicate there were 115 property damage only crashes in 2013. This was less than half of the 339 property damage only crashes reported in 2012 and 350 property damage only crashes reported in 2011.

The five year comparison indicates 2013 was the only year in the five year comparison where there were no fatalities. During 2012 Putnam County had three fatalities and in 2011 Putnam County had six crashes with seven deaths reported.

In 2009 there were eight fatal crashes reported with 9 fatalities. This year also had 107 injury crashes and 399 property damage crashes.

Failure to control was the highest reason for injury crashes in 2013. Twelve of the 42 injury crashes were for failure to control with seven failures to yield crashes coming in second.

Failure to control was responsible for 31 of the 79 property damage only crashes.