OTTAWA - Ottawa City officials have indicated sand bags are available at the Ottawa City garage on Defiance St. for those that need them due to flooding.

At 10 p.m., the Blanchard River in Ottawa was at 26.61 feet and rising. Moderate flood stage for the river is 27 feet. No time table was given as to when the river will crest due to a number of factors. Village officials expect the river to go above the 27 foot crest the National Weather Service predicted.
Due to the high water a number of streets in the village of Ottawa and along the Blanchard River are closed.
St. Rt. 224, West of St. Rt. 65, in Ottawa is closed due to high water. Second, Third and Fourth Streets, west of St. Rt. 65 are closed as is South Oak St. and North Perry Street in Ottawa.
Old St. Rt. 224 is closed in sections along the river as well are several side roads near the river.
Ottawa Police and Putnam County Sheriff Deputies were in the process of removing a family from their home, along 224, Friday night since they were trapped in it by the quickly rising river.
St. Rt. 634, between Rt. 114 and 613, is closed due to the water level of Blanchard River near Dupont.
The water level of the Auglaize River in Fort Jennings is still rising as the water level was 15.32 feet at 10 p.m. Flood stage for the Auglaize is 13 feet.
Roads along the Auglaize River are closed due to high water.