PUTNAM COUNTY - The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for the Blanchard River until Thursday evening.

Businesses and Ottawa residents have been preparing for the expected flooding all morning, moving possessions and inventory to higher ground. As of 4 p.m. today, Monday, over 60 roadways throughout Putnam County had been reported as having high water or being closed already to traffic, and Sheriff Beutler has issued a level 3 roadway emergency in flooded areas. Projected flooding for the area is 30 feet. August's flood of 2007 brought 31.7 feet.

In the Village of Ottawa, sandbags are available at the Municipal parking lot on Main St. in Ottawa and in the Village Garage located on N. Defiance St. Other villages can contact their village offices and township residents should contact their trustees.

Information lines for the Office of Public Safety are 419-538-7005 and 419-538-7006.

Areas of high water and roads closed include:

St. R. 694 south of St. Rt. 114 is closed

St. Rt. 115 south of 16-O

St. Rt. 65 at Rd. K

Rd. B east of Rd. 21

Rd. 19 south of Rd. F

Rd. 3 north of Gilboa

Rd. 3 south of Gilboa

Rd. 16-O south of St. Rt. 115

St. Rt. 115 at St. Rt. 189

Rd. 5-N at Rd. 6

Rd. R. west of St. Rt. 115

Rd. P west of St. Rt. 115

Rd. M at St. Rt. 115

Rd. 2 between Rd. B and Rd. C

Rd. 13 north of St. Rt. 224

St. Rt. 634 north of Continental

Old St. Rt. 224 between Rd. 5-H and Rd. 7

Rd. M at Rd. 11 by Cranberry Creek Nursery is closed

St. Rt. 224 at the bridge in Ottawa

Rd. 10-G between Rd. M and Rd. 10-K is closed

Rd. H-11 between Rd. 11 and Rd. 12 is closed

Pandora Rd. between Grismore and County Line is closed

Searfoss between Slabtown and Mayberry is closed

Eversole between Slabrown and Mayberry is closed

Franconia Park is closed

St. Rt. 224 at St. Rt. 65 is closed

Rd. 7 south of Rd. H

St. Rt. 114 by Kahle Turkey Farm

Thomas St. at 2nd St.

Williamstown Rd. at Steel Tech.

Blanchard Ave at Walnut St.

St. Rt. 15 at K & L Ready mix

1500 block of Rd. 4

St. Rt. 190 Between 224 and Fort Jennings

St. Rt. 613 west of Rd. 12

Rd. 11 near the golf course

Rd. 8 south of Rd. K-6

Rd. X west of St. Rt. 109

Rd. 19 north of Rd. B-13

Rd. M east of Rd. L-9

Rd. J-6 west of Rd. 7

Rd. M east of Rd. 3

St. Rt. 66 between Rd. M and Rd. N

In town in North Creek

Rd. 13 north of St. Rt. 613

Rd. 15-L at St. Rt. 613

Rd. E between Rd. 15 and Rd. 15-C

Rd. 13-C between Rd. G and Rd. L

Areas of Rd. 15-O

Rd. Z east of St. Rt. 115

St. Rt. 613 east of St. Rt. 15

Rd. M-17 from Rd. 19 to Rd. 20

Rd. 20-P from Rd. P to Rd. Q

Rd. 11 from St. Rt. 15 to the bridge

Rd. I-9 between St. Rt. 15 and St. Rt. 109

St. Rt. 114 from St. Rt. 694 to St. Rt. 224

Listing will be updated as closures come in.