OTTAWA - The Putnam County Solid Waste District Committee met on Thursday, Feb. 14 for their regular meeting. Some items discussed included an update on the county's current recycling program and what the future has in store.

Ashley Siefker, Community Recycling Coordinator discussed the current issues with the recycling program. Allen County has stopped collecting Putnam County's recyclable materials because there was a problem with glass being mixed in with other materials. Right now the county has made a separate bin for recycling glass products to try to reduce the amount of glass in other bins. Siefker shared that the amount of glass in other bins has decreased since the glass bins have been put out. The county is hoping Allen County will soon be able to collect again free of charge.

Putnam County Administrator Jack Betscher shared some of the upcoming EPA changes that might take place. Betscher informed the committee the EPA is looking to combine different Solid Waste Districts in Ohio. One problem Betscher foresees is Putnam County has a good recycling program and if this happens they could end up with a county with a failing program. The EPA wants a minimum of 100,000 for each district.

"The EPA wants to consolidate for better efficiency, but they have not provided any data supporting that," said Betscher. "There has been a lot of political push back from Ohio because it just doesn't make good sense," Betscher said.

Other business Seifker discussed included the purchase of a new baler which the county will have installed the week of March 11. The county purchased the baler using grant money for half of it. Siefker is hoping to have a grand opening with the company that sold the baler.