Jeremy Stober (right) awaits his sentencing in the court on Monday, March 18.
Jeremy Stober (right) awaits his sentencing in the court on Monday, March 18.
OTTAWA - On Monday March 18, Jeremy Stober, former Kalida teacher and volleyball coach was sentenced to 10 1/2 years, the maximum sentence for the charges he was found guilty.

He was charged for sexual battery, three counts gross sexual imposition, importuning. The sentencings are to be served consecutively.

Stober was also given a sex offender status of a Tier 3, which he must register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Assistant Prosecutor Todd Schroeder stated, "During that period of time, texts with the youngest victim of this case exceeded 3,000. That demonstrates a consistent and persistent attempt to make contact in order to establish a relationship. In the case of the offenses for gross sexual imposition, when you have that persistent conduct towards a young minor victim over time, it does represent the most serious form of that type of offense."

"At some time in the future the defendant will be released and at that time these girls will still recall from their high school years what the defendant has done to them and they will still suffer," continued Schroeder.

Two victims gave statements at the sentencing saying they wish he would get the help he needed. One victim stated, "Thinking back that you watched me and picked me out, it's sickening. She went on to say I forgive you and I hope you get help."