OTTAWA — A former substitute teacher in Putnam County has pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual battery involving a Pandora-Gilboa High School student. Jessica L. Storer, 29, formerly of Pandora and now residing in St. Mary’s, made her admission during a plea change hearing in Putnam County Common Pleas Court last Thursday. Storer originally entered a not guilty plea.

As part of the hearing, Assistant County Prosecutor Lily Shun presented the court with a summary of the case.

According to Shun, Storer, who served as a substitute teacher with the Pandora-Gilboa School District, invited “a number of juveniles” to her home, including the victim of the sexual battery charge, identified only as “John Doe, 1998.”

“That evening, she supplied alcohol,” Shun said. “After supplying alcohol to the juveniles, at a later point in that evening/early moring hours, Mrs. Storer engaged in sexual intercourse with John Doe while John Doe was still under the influence of alcohol.”

While having already acknowledged a willingness to plead guilty to the charge of sexual battery, Storer denied the State’s assertion that John Doe was drunk. Shun remarked that John Doe’s testimony and the testimony of one other juvenile witness assert that he was drunk at the time of the relations.

“Whether he was under the influence at that time or not is not necessarily relevant,” Shun added.

After hearing Storer’s public testimony that she was employed as a teacher at the time of the event and had engaged in sexual intercourse with a P-GHS student, Basinger accepted Storer’s plea. In exchange for the plea, six misdemeanor counts of furnishing to underage person — with an accompanying possible six months jail time per offense — were dropped. Shun further stipulated that the State will pursue no further charges against Storer related to the incident.

However, as a consequence of the plea, Storer is classified as a Tier 3 Sex Offender and as such must register with the county sheriff every 90 days for life. In addition, Storer must register any change of residential address, place of employment or enrollment in a school or institution of higher education. In addition, sexual battery, a felony of the third degree, carries with it the potential for up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine, as well as possible restitution for the victim.

Pending the results of a pre-sentencing report, a process that typically takes 30 to 45 days, Basinger continued bail and announced that a sentencing hearing will be held upon receipt of the report.

At the time of the offense, Storer was listed as a substitute teacher through the Putnam County Educational Service Center, but was immediately removed from the rolls when the allegations surfaced.

Storer’s husband, Derrick Storer, entered a plea of guilty to three counts of furnishing to underage person in Putnam County Municipal Court on March 14 and is scheduled for sentencing on Tuesday, May 16.