By Alex Woodring

Staff Writer

OTTAWA - The third teen in the Amber Alert who directed authorities to the bodies of Blake and Blaine Romes on May 9 pleaded not guilty to charges of double homicide on Tuesday afternoon. Prosecuting Attorney Gary L. Lammers filed a two-count complaint in the Putnam County Juvenile Court against the teenager alleging delinquency for committing the crime of Aggravated Murder of the Romes brothers.
Additionally, a Motion to Transfer has been filed requesting the Putnam County Juvenile Court transfer jurisdiction of the case to Putnam County Common Pleas Court so the juvenile can be tried as an adult. That hearing is tentatively scheduled for June 18 at 9 a.m. The teen was previously charged with Felony Grand Theft Auto.

According to Prosecuting Attorney Lammers, one of the Romes brothers had been strangled and each of the brothers had been shot in the attacks on May 9.