The Big Kahuna has a goal to lose 100 lbs.
The Big Kahuna has a goal to lose 100 lbs.
By Leslie Noia
Staff Writer
OTTAWA - Eric Siewert, better known as "The Big Kahuna" on his morning radio show on 106.3 the Fox, has also teamed up with the staff at the YMCA for a healthier lifestyle. Siewert has changed his eating habits already, starting back in April last year. "I have already lost about 100 pounds," shared Siewert.
Siewert said he wanted to be a part of the Putnam County Wellness Program's challenge to help encourage others. "I think in my position, it has been good. I have been healthier and feeling better and if I can help others people do that, too, that's a good thing," said Siewert. "If I can do it, anyone can do it because I do not have much will power," he shared.
"I was in bad shape. I hadn't taken care of myself, and I got to the point where I was just frustrated and fed up," he said.
Siewert could recall a time when going to watch his son play in a basketball tournament and just walking from the car to the facility he felt winded.
"You just get fed up, that was part of it, another part of it was I was just sick of being fat."
He has already had the success of losing 100 pounds, but Siewert was afraid he had reached a plateau because he has not seen a lot of results since December. He is hoping that being a part of this program will help him reach his goal of shedding another 100 pounds and getting past his current sticking point.
Like others who have had trouble with their weight, Siewert does experience a few minor health issues such as high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Since he began losing weight, he can already see and feel a difference in his health. He shared that he hoped the issues will continue to improve as he becomes healthier.
Siewert has tried other weight loss programs before, many of which consisted of a restricted diet. While he did lose weight, he later gained it back. Permanent changes in the way he has been eating is a big part of Siewert's current weight loss.
"I did Nutrisystem; you use their food. Earlier I was doing the full plan for about eight months, but now I have decided to do about two meals a day with them. Over the last six months, I have been adjusting and eating salad instead of their meals. I really haven't eaten a lot of fast food, mostly chicken and fish," said Siewert.