PUTNAM COUNTY - The Putnam County Wellness Program is teaming up with several participants who are working to become healthier.

Dan Turnwald, of Glandorf has begun his fitness challenge. The participants in this program have teamed up with different area organizations to help them get fit. Turnwald has been working out at the Putnam County YMCA with a friend to help keep him motivated. The first required wellness program he attended was the showing of a film series titled "Weight of the Nations".

Turnwald shared why he decided to join this program, "it was a way to help keep me accountable to others, it is a great idea to have a teammate, and a competition is always motivational. The "Weight of the Nation" video series was also very motivational since it really did a great job showing the effects of excessive fat in your body." Turnwald does not have any current medical conditions which require him to lose weight, but said after seeing the film it has given him a sense of what could happen. "After watching the "Weight of the Nation" video series, it helped me to realize if I don't change, I would very easily begin having health issues in the near future, like diabetes and high blood pressure," Turnwald said.

His goal is to lose about 3 lbs per week to get to 170-175 lbs. He also wants to have a goal to get to 9 percent body fat. "I always have to have a deadline with my goal, so I need to reach this goal by May 5 for running the Flying Pig half marathon (13.1 miles) in Cincinnati. I ran this last year and would like to finish in 88 minutes with an 8 minute mile pace," said Turnwald.

Turnwald shared what he feels is the most important in his goal of getting healthier. "It is definitely a combination of exercising and holding to my goal of 1500-1800 calories per day. Because of the calorie limit, this has forced me to eat healthier since these foods tend to fill me up more. The staff at the YMCA have been tremendous with helping me get set up with charting my physical progress on the internet-based fitness software that I can now track my daily progress based off my goals. They were also instrumental in helping me set up reasonable daily and weekly goals," said Turnwald.