The Putnam County Office of Public Safety has released advice for residents who were affected by the flood.
At 8:30 a.m., Thursday, Dec. 26, the river was at 19.9 feet. Flood level is 23 feet. Many roads, including SR 65 and US 224, are now open, but road closures change as water level changes. Also, please be aware that the water froze on many roads before flood waters receded making them ice-covered and dangerous.
Residents are reminded to not drive into water covered roadways.
The American Red Cross in Putnam County closed their shelter on Monday, Dec. 23, after being able to relocate residents in hotels or homes. Most have since returned to their homes.
The Red Cross has clean-up kits available for residents. You may call 419-523-4810 for more information.
For those moving back into their residence:
Electrical safety recommendations
Stay out of the area until the water has recede
Have an experienced electrician check out your electrical system before you turn on your service.
Do not turn on power if electrical panel or any individual outlets or appliances have been in water.
If you see or smell smoke, or have electrical arcing, call 911 immediately
Contact AEP for electrical emergencies (800-672-2231.
Gas safety recommendations:
Contact contractor to inspect, clean and re-ignite appliances
If you detect the smell of gas call 800-877-4715.
Water advisory
If flood waters have surrounded your well, it is advisable to have water tested by the Health department. Call 419-523-5608.
People affected by flood waters and needing Tetanus injections can contact the Health Department at 419-523-5608, the Ambulatory Care Center at 419-538-6288 or your family physician. Be aware the supply of Tetanus injections are scarce. Please call ahead if you need an injection.
Red Cross has closed its shelter but is on standby should one need to be opened again.
Please be aware that flooding conditions can also affect pets housed outside.