OTTAWA - Ottawa village council approved an annual contract for mutual aid for fire protection during its meeting on Monday. The approval also included an addendum that will now require other districts to pay for the use of the aerial ladder truck.
According to the addendum, any of the entities included in the agreement will be required to pay $2000 when the ladder truck is dispatched, regardless if it is cancelled before the truck is enroute. The truck will then cost an additional $200 per hour until the truck is marked back in service. The truck will also be manned by four Ottawa firefighters and additional charges will be assessed for lost or broken tools and appliances.
Fire Chief Dan Reiman, said that the decision to charge other fire districts for the use of the ladder truck came from Ottawa Village council with recommendations from the Ottawa Fire Department.
"Council did a great job in determining the amount for which to charge other districts," said Reiman.
He said that the charges will cover the maintenance cost and annual testing required to have the truck and was based on how many times the truck was called out over the last five years.