OTTAWA — This winter’s ongoing issue of snow removal monopolized much of the Feb. 10 meeting of the Village of Ottawa council. Although Mayor Dean Meyer led the agenda by reading a letter of gratitude from Putnam County Probate and Juvenile Judge Mike Borer for the village’s winter storm cleanup, discussion turned to improvement in the snow removal process.

Council member Tim Macke launched the exchange of views. “The Eagles have pretty much filled up Railroad Avenue. I’d like to request that we ask them to move that because that’s a thoroughfare that should be open.”

Dan Lehman, Ottawa city garage manager, agreed to speak with the organization about the issue. Council member Jeff Ducey asked if Ottawa has an ordinance in place that requires parked vehicles to be moved following the accumulation of a certain number of inches. Upon affirmation that a snow route does exist within the Village, Ducey asked, “What does that mean?”

“Unfortunately there are places around town that don’t have anything but on-street parking,” said Meyer. Referring to a portion of Village documentation that determines the need to move parked vehicles from snow routes upon the “firm forecast of snow predicted to two inches or more, or whenever snow reaches an accumulation of two inches or more,” Meyer said, “We don’t even shovel at two inches or more now.”

Meyer continued by reading from a Village ordinance that states “at such time no owner of any vehicle shall permit the same to park or stand upon any of the parts of the following streets: Main, Fourth, 11th, Agner, Pratt, Locust, Oak, Taft, Elm to Perry, Perry to Elm, Maple.” Those who violate the ordinance are considered guilty of a misdemeanor. Village Law Director Joe Schroeder confirmed that the information read is Section 351.14 of the Village ordinances.

“I’m not so much about the fining part, but maybe we can get some better communication out there,” said Ducey, to which Council Mmeber Jo Deskins responded that she will write an article for the Village newsletter.

Other council business included:

Memorial Park lighting committee and council member Jo Deskins asked what the Village will do to support the commitee’s capital campaign project. Council is investigating support based on the amount of savings that will be experienced through the installation of more energy-efficient lighting.

Clerk Treasurer Barb Hermiller provided highlights from an annual review of the Village’s investments wuth local banks.