Shawn M. Bailey, 36, of Chicago, Illinois, died on October 7, 2013.
      Shawn was born on October 17, 1976, in Columbus, Ohio, to parents Timothy L. and Kathleen S. Bailey. He quickly excelled at artistic and technical activities. From an early age, he created beautiful detailed (and sometimes strange) illustrations, grasped complex ideas, and absorbed information at an amazing rate. His love of art and music began in early childhood and continued for the rest of his life. Some of his other favorite childhood activities included reading comic books, skateboarding, playing baseball and other sports, and writing and producing comedic videos with friends and relatives.
      At Kinawa Middle School, in Okemos, Michigan, Shawn tested into accelerated programs for gifted students (he was invited to join Mensa but declined, saying that they were simply after money). He continued his creative endeavors in art and music in high school (Leo High School, Leo-Cedarville, Indiana), where he also engaged in athletic activities and received accolades from teachers and classmates. During this time, his interest in music grew: in middle school, he played cello; in high school, he served as guitarist for a band he started with several friends. He also began to absorb music from a variety of genres at a staggering rate. This interest continued, unabated, for the rest of his life.
      At Indiana University, Shawn combined his considerable creative talents and his immense technical acumen into a bachelor of fine arts in photography. He produced countless photographic images displaying his unique perspective on the people, places, and objects in his life. No stranger to the other side of the camera, he never squandered an opportunity to take a compelling or humorous self-portrait. In this close-knit scene of artist-friends, he also developed a greater appreciation of other artistic mediums, including painting and sculpture.
      After college, Shawn moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, followed by Los Angeles, California, where he worked a variety of jobs and continued his lifelong pursuits in art and music. He finally settled in Chicago, Illinois, in 2004, where he lived until his death. He worked in the freight and auto auction industries. During his time in Chicago, his creative output accelerated. He developed a new, distinct style of photo-illustrations, bringing together his natural talents with the expertise honed in school, and applied paint and color treatments to photographs he'd taken of various subject matter (some of his art can be seen at  HYPERLINK ""
      Shawn is survived by his parents, Timothy and Kathleen (Krouse) Bailey, of Fort Wayne, Indiana; brother, Kevin (Julie Lesniak) Bailey, of Chicago, Illinois; girlfriend, Terriss Conterato, of Chicago, Illinois; as well as the extended Krouse and Bailey families.
      A memorial service will be held  HYPERLINK "x-apple-data-detectors://3" on Monday, October 21, 2013, at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Kalida, Ohio,