In an effort to de-clutter my children's bedroom, I decided to tackle the task of sorting through all of their toys and disposing of the ones they no longer played with. I am an advocate of teaching my children "non-hoarding" skills so I had them help me.
I knew it would be a daunting task to get them to let go of the toys that had surrounded them their entire life so I bribed them. I told them that we would have a garage sale and the money we earned they could purchase a new game for their Nintendo DSI.
My oldest daughter has her own gaming system but my youngest has yet to receive one. So, to take the bribe further I told them that if we earned enough, we could purchase a DSI for Hailey.
It went over well, the girls were very enthusiastic about ridding themselves of their toys and when they began the expected, "I don't wanna get rid of that!" I answered with, "Which would you rather have, a DSI game or this toy?"
It was slated to have the garage sale last weekend but my schedule inhibited me from preparing for it. So, I heard of people that take their used toys to shops that will purchase them from you in order to resell them.
Last Friday after successfully finding the floor of my girl's bedroom, I loaded up all the toys we had agreed to dispose of and hauled them to the store. After putting my girl's in their car seats and many toys around them, my car was loaded to the max.
We went to the store, dropped off the used toys and was told to return four hours later to redeem our cash. Upon my return I found most of the toys waiting for me to pick up.
The store refused to take them because they were either overstocked with the items, or the toys had some type of wear mark on them.
I was defeated! I had spent a lot of time on this project only to be forced to return home with the toys. We did earn just under $10 in the toys the store found acceptable and with some other earned money, the girls were able to purchase their games and Hailey is crossing her fingers that Santa brings her a new Nintendo DSI.
Of course, I could not tell them no because they were such good sports about cleaning their rooms and giving the toys away.
However, the story takes a turn for the better after I posted my stress on Facebook begging people to just take this mountain of toys off my hands.
I found a friend whose daughter lost all of her toys in a house fire and was happy to take some from me which was more rewarding than getting a mere $10 for the toys, I'm glad she does not care about a small marker stain on Barbies back or a peeling sticker on the Little People's Barn.