This past weekend I took my family shopping for school supplies. I try to get as excited about this trip as my daughters, but I'm beginning to dread it as much as I do Christmas shopping.
Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my munchkins and I love it even more when they return to school but I hate it when they begin getting tired and no longer want to try on clothes.
I tried to time things perfectly so we could have a successful shopping trip and I stayed cued into my girls as they began to melt in the mall. Hannah was hell bent on finding a "puffy-vest" and remained on task throughout the trip.
Hailey began to melt when she got hungry but after a pit stop for lunch she was good to go.
After the last stop of the shopping trip, I fell into my car seat and let out a huge sigh of relief, thankful that the task was completed and I had not lost my patience.
After returning home, I read an article in the newspaper that showed how much the average family spends on back-to-school shopping.
Upon a little online research I found a story from The story cited a survey done by the National Retail Federation that said that the average person with children will spend about $688 on their children. The article said that "with this pace, back-to-school spending is the second biggest consumer spending event for retailers next to the Christmas holiday season."
I must not be the average person with children because I did not spend $688 on my children. I did have to explain to Hannah what saving about $90 at one store meant.
After leaving the department store where we found her "puffy-vest" I could not contain my excitement that we saved over $90 on the clothing we purchased.
Hannah joined in on my excitement when she asked me if she could have that $90! "Sorry my dear, but that was money that we did not need to pay," I explained to her.
This year, the school season begins for my munchkins this week and I am looking forward to watching them grow and learn new things at school. As I send my youngest off to begin her elementary career this week, I will be like most other mothers and shed a few tears.