Last week I had to take my youngest daughter for her dreaded kindergarten shots. I knew it would be a chore since she has a justifiable fear of needles. Who can blame a five year old for having this fear after she has been poked more in the last five years than I have my entire life.
I knew she was going to need them but I was apprehensive because she started having seizures only three months after her 18 month shots, some of which were similar to her kindergarten vaccines.
So, I waited until I could talk with her neurologist to either get his blessing or veto on the immunizations. It's safe to say however, that Hailey was hoping for a veto. Dr. Nagel though felt that it was worth the risk when weighed against the alternative diseases she could contract had she not gotten her kindergarten boosters.
I hated that day I had to take her to the doctor for the shots. I did not tell her what was happening but she sensed that something bad was about to happen to her. I tried my best to hide my worry and fear but it just did not work.
Although I continue to worry for her, I could not help but relate my feelings that day to those I had while Hailey was having seizures. I barely slept last Friday night because I kept getting up to check on Hailey as each hour passed.
She had no clue to my worry through the night as she was fast asleep from all the trauma she went through that day.
I did learn something through this ordeal. In anticipation of Hailey's round of shots, I did extensive research on immunizations and found that a study had been done in England that linked vaccinations with autism. I was relieved to hear by the county nurse, Hailey's neurologist and our family doctor that the study was later proved to be inaccurate. The doctor who did the study fudged the numbers.
I also found that getting the immunizations are far better than getting the diseases associated with them. Can you imagine if we had another Polio outbreak, or a measles outbreak. Just Google any one of the vaccines my daughter received the other day and you can see the scary effects of the diseases.
I will admit I was apprehensive about my children getting their vaccinations, but after hearing that the studies done were proven to be inaccurate and the results of the diseases they would be vaccinated against prove the benefits of the trauma Hailey went through last Friday.
However, I would like to thank the receptionist at my husband's work after deciding that a five year old who "just wanted to talk to her daddy" after getting her shots was enough of an emergency to bring "daddy" to the phone.