To the editor:

Common Core takes control of education away from parents, teachers and the local elected officials. The Common Core standards are copyrighted and owned by private organizations and was created by a company named Achieve with the majority of funding coming from the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation. It is also being mandated by state governments including Ohio. This leaves many cash strapped schools scrambling to find funds to purchase the necessary computers which also leads them to the money and use of Race to the Top Funds to implement Common Core, and results in huge profits for the Gates’. States and schools will become the administering agent for a nationalized education.

Since most instruction is from workbooks, with no textbooks, parents find it difficult to help students because they have no examples to follow especially in math. Dr. James Milgram was on the Math Feedback Committee and Validation committee, but he refused to sign off on the math standards because they put the United States two years behind achieving countries. Under Common Core Global citizenship takes precedence over American values. Common Core’s Goals have no references to American exceptionalism, our Constitution and certainly no references to God. Nationalizing Education via Common Core promotes an agenda of anti-capitalism, socialism, and human guilt for people using the earth’s resources unwisely.

If you would like to learn more about Common Core, please attend a seminar on April 26 at the Glandorf Parish Center Gym located at 109 Main Street, Glandorf, from 9 to 11 a.m. presented by Heidi Huber. Corey Shankleton, who is running for District 1 State Senate, does not approve of Common Core and he plans to be at this event.

Vanessa Vandale