To the editor:

The Othmer Recker Family asks that you please vote for the Brookhill Levy. Brookhill has changed the lives of so many individuals in Putnam County. Our daughter Lisa attends Brookhill, working at Brookhill Industries daily. The pleasure and self-esteem Lisa has gained working every day is incredible. Brookhill not only provides an environment for people to gain friendship and work skills, but offers an opportunity to participate in Special Olympics. We can’t imagine what Lisa and all the Brookhill employees would do or how they would feel if these services were not available.

The combination of services offered by Brookhill makes a person with Developmental Disabilities feel like they belong to a community of piers and gives them a sense of accomplishment. However, your support is needed to continue the level of services provide. The additional levy will assist in continuing the services to all Brookhill employees at a level of excellence that Brookhill is known for.

Our family has always been proud to live in a community and county that is extremely generous. Your past generosity is much appreciated and we hope will continue when you vote YES for Brookhill on May 6th. Thanks to all for your continued support.

Ott, Beth, Gabrielle, Lisa, Alison

and Constance Recker