To the editor:

As a medical professional and a resident of Putnam County, I support the EMS Levy. This is an important piece of a very delicate health care situation in our community. I rely on the EMS to provide life saving transport for my patients.

Although I run a primary care facility, occasionally patients come in requiring more care than we can provide In those cases we rely on the Putnam County EMS to provide supervised care and transport. The local EMS squads have helped with many patients that have come into my facility by providing timely response and transportation to surrounding hospitals when called.

If someone is having a heart attack, stroke, or involved in a serious accident, the men and women of the Putnam County EMS are there to answer our calls. They come to our homes and to our businesses responding to medical crises and providing a vital first link in the chain of survival.

I encourage everyone to support the Putnam County EMS levy by voting "YES" on Nov. 5.

Dr. Jeffery S. Eiden, MD

Putnam County Primary Care, LLC, Ottawa