To the editor:

I see the Good Ole Boys Club is alive and well in Putnam County.

Commissioner John Love and County Administrator Jack Betscher are fighting sick leave for the former housekeeper at the Court House.

Betscher states in the March 26 Sentinel: “normally you lose your sick pay once you leave a government job, unless you are employed at another government job, then the sick pay is transferred to the new government job.” This does not apply in the Good Ole Boys Club.

I remember a little over four years ago, the Commissioners handed over $28,000 sick leave to Judge Mike Borer. Is Judge Borer still getting sick benefits? Why wasn’t his sick benefits transferred to the new job? Commissioner’s response except for Commissioner Jerwers: “Go ahead, take your sick leave up front, pal, it’s only taxpayer’s money and there’s more where that comes from!”

John Love and Jack Betscher are denying the woman $2,664.51 in earned sick benefits substantially less than Borer.

Give the woman her sick benefits!

Melida Bockrath