To the editor:
It must be nice to live in Ottawa. Since it is the County Seat, they must feel they are entitled to whatever they want.
When they needed a library, they had the county taxpayers build one for them. The Library Board could have built a simple, functional building as a central point to receive and distribute material to the branch libraries. Then, if Ottawa wanted a local branch, they could have provided one as do all of the other villages in the county, and paid for it themselves. But no, the county taxpayers built it for them. When it flooded out, since it was built in a flood plain, we built another one for them.
Now, the Ottawa citizens are trying to get the county taxpayers to pay for flood control. It's not our fault they built their homes and businesses in the largest flood plain in Putnam County. This river has been known to flood for over a century, they knew it when they bought their property, but now it is up to us to fix it for them.
In a few months Ottawa will be asking for a county wide levy to buy them a new aerial ladder fire truck. They already have one that works, but they want a new one. It will cost over a million dollars! It will certainly help their insurance rating, but it won't change anyone else's. Bluffton and American Township are both willing to help us out in the rare event that we need one, but Ottawa wants their own. Also on that levy will be money to buy Kalida and Ottawa new heavy rescue vehicles. Again, over a million dollars! Rescue tools are needed in this county, but instead of spending that much money for two towns, there is enough money in this levy to provide every fire department in Putnam County with rescue tools and training, so not just two towns but all towns will have them. Doesn't this make more sense?
Yeah, it must be nice to live in Ottawa, and let the taxpayers buy them whatever they want.
Jim J. Verhoff
Columbus Grove