To the editor:

The Miller City Wildcat State Championship was a victory for all of Putnam County and I was able to join the crowd lining the streets of Ottawa when the Wildcats were escorted down Main Street, complete with their pet cow riding in the pick-up or trailer. I also was privileged to have attended a FJHS – Miller City game in the famous old barn with the pot-bellied stove at the end. …..Here is a little known fact…..This story was told to me by a “young man” who was a student in Louis Heckman’s classroom in Ottoville when Norris Simpson came to the Ottoville School with a special request from Mr. Heckman. Louis Heckman was the King of Basketball Coaches in northwest Ohio or maybe even the state of Ohio. This was during tournament season, when Coach Simpson came to Louie Heckman’s class room and asked: “How can we beat St. John’s?????!!!!!” That was all it took for Coach Heckman to take Norris Simpson to the locker room for a few strategic tips. Delphos (home of St. John’s} and Ottoville are only 8 miles apart. My informant, we’ll call him Omer, said that was the end of their class with Mr. Heckman for the day…..and as everyone knows Miller City was able to knock off St. John’s on their way to Columbus. I had a grandson on the Fort Jennings State Championship team in 2000. Every town should have the opportunity to have a state championship at least once.


Helen Kaverman