To the editor:

Over the past several years the Putnam County Board of Elections board and it’s employees have been the center of Putnam County politics, name calling and drama.

Lets put everything in prospective: Ann Dillinger, has from the moment she became a board member been out to get Ginger Price. Dillinger is the ring leader of a group of people who set out to discredit Ginger Price thru the media and any means they saw fit. Price served Putnam County for 15 years as deputy director and director of the Putnam County Board of Elections representing the Republican Party. She did an excellent job.

Mrs. Dillinger, Martin Kuhlman, Marie Heitmeyer and other’s perpetrated the biggest “WITCH HUNT” ever against Price and the Republican Party. They set in motion a campaign to discredit and victimize Price and other Republicans with thumped up charges to than Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. Once Kuhlman, Dillinger and Heitmeyer got on the board - gone was deputy director Carla Tooman, Director Ginger Price and 20 year board member Lyle McKanna. They used their connections with Brunner to fight against the nomination of Republican Tom Jerwers to the board.

There is a reason (more than one) Shelly Burkhart has lost the trust and confidence of the people who placed her in her position at the board of elections. Many of the reasons were discussed during executive sessions. The current board has chosen to keep it private as good boards do.

To me, Mrs. Burkhart’s employment was questionable from the start. Her husband, Joe Burkhart, the Putnam County IT coordinator had Ginger Price’s state e-mail account forwarded to his personal computer (he admitted this to the commissioners) was given a slap on the wrist and rewarded by than board members, Dillinger, Kuhlman, and Heitmeyer when they gave him full-unsupervised access to all board of election computers. Mr. Burkhart also submitted the employment test that his wife used to get her job.

I also think it is, I should say WAS, a huge conflict that the husband of the deputy director of the Election Board is the person setting up, calculating and overseeing our voting machines.

There are many issues, we have been fed only one side for a long time. Mrs. Dillinger continues to bully Ginger Price with her name calling and innuendoes.

It was the past Board of Elections that cost this county thousands of dollars when they set in motion the WITCH HUNT against Ginger Price and other Republicans.


Charol Fortman Stechschulte