To the editor:
I read with interest the article about the proposed county fire levy.
I spent 21 years, 16 as an officer, with the Miller City Fire Department. When we needed to update our equipment, we asked the taxpayers of our fire district to trust us to make the right decision on how best to use their money for their safety. During those years, I cannot remember any time that we needed a ladder truck on a fire scene because it would not have been advantageous to the situation. With water supply the main concern, we were trained on how to attack a fire using the least amount of water possible as to not deplete our water supply. That alone makes a ladder truck quite useless at most rural fire scenes. Why should I pay my tax money to support something that may not be used by my local Fire Department?
The rest of the money generated by this levy will be used for heavy rescue. What items will this money be used for? Why must the taxpayers vote for an "all or nothing" levy? Both of these items are big ticket item and deserve their own levy. That way the voters of Putnam County can choose if one, both, or neither of these issues should be passed.
I urge the voters of Putnam County to ask questions and get educated about this levy. Talk to members of your local Fire Department and ask them what their feelings are about this levy, so come November voters can decide if this levy is good for all Putnam County residents or just a few.
Dick Dobmeyer
Miller City