To the editor:
It is now clear to me that two of my county officials couldn't care less about the people who live on Road 5 or the residents of Pandora when it comes to whether this road needs to be wider. I live on Road 5 and there is no way 800 trucks are using this road in a day's time as the county seems to believe. It is appalling how arrogant Mr. Love and Mr. Schroeder are. They say it would be silly not to use the money for this project now that they have it. I say it's stupid to spend 14 million dollars, or however much it is, for something that doesn't need to be done. Typical politicians -let's blow money needlessly.
These two men and the editor of the Sentinel say that they understand how the people feel here. I challenge them to buy a home on Road 5 that's 20-30 feet or so from the road; then we'll see how well they understand.
There are other roads that go to Leipsic. Anybody who believes that a wide road is going to bring in business is an idiot. If that's true, let's make Road 5 an interstate!
Ray Morris