To the editor:
Often, you don't realize what you have it until it's gone. The residents of Glandorf have been blessed with Jeanne Rader as our Post Master for just shy of 20 years. We will truly miss her as she retires.
Jeanne was not only our Post Master; but the sounding board for many members of our small town. On any given day, it was not uncommon to walk into a lobby full of people eagerly boasting to Jeanne of the current events in their lives, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Jeanne knows the names of our family members both near and far; and, shows a genuine interest in our daily lives.
Jeanne was always eager to help find the best method of sending our mail. From sending overnight, express mailings for business purposes, stacks of monthly statements, a gift for a far away family member, or, to a military member serving over seas. . . . Jeanne would help pack and re-pack our parcels for the quickest, most cost-efficient method of shipment.
I'm sure Jeanne saw a lot at the post office. We didn't always like some of the mail she gave us; and, even tried to give it back. While others times, we couldn't wait to open the package she gave us, to share with her the treasure inside.
You might say our post office is not just a place to pick up or send out mail. Our post office has become the center of our town. While we will welcome our new Post Master with open arms, we will certainly miss the friendship we have developed with Jeanne on both a personal and professional level.
We wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors!
Sarah Kreinbrink
and fellow residents of Glandorf