To the editor:

My husband and I never thought we would have a child with special needs. What do you do? You love them just like your normal children and try to give them the best life you can, teach them to be as self-sufficient as possible and hope that no one will harm them or abuse them during their lifetime! We have also utilized services available through Brookhill for support. The services that they have provided for our son have been a “Godsend.” Before we learned of Brookhill’s services, we thought we would heed to care for him ourselves in our home for the rest of our lives as we did not want to place him in a nursing home. We were willing to do whatever was needed to care for him. He is now living in his own home, pays his own bills and buys his own food. For the first time in his life, he is able to live independently. He is living and doing activities with his peers. He no longer needs to depend on us as his sole support. The Putnam County Board of DD provides the funding source to help maintain residential services and supervision for my son to live independently. He goes to the Brookhill facility 5 days a week at a dayhab program. We are still very involved in his life, but with less intensity. There are so many more individuals residing in our county who, like us, are in need of these services. We realize that additional taxes are difficult to manage financially, but one day it may be your family member that is in need of their assistance! Please vote for the levy to improve their lives!

Keith and Jessica Cox, Parents of a Consumer

(Jessica is also a clinician at

Pathways Counseling Center, Inc.)