Last week the Vidette’s “Bobbin’ Around with Bob” spoke of the physical effects imposed on his automobile by the brutal winter. Now that the big snows are in the rearview mirror for 2014, here’s a big shout-out and amen to join in with his frustration. My hatchback is going under the knife this week and I don’t even want to think about the resulting invoice.

Bob’s big beef was with mobile run-ins and overs with pot holes. As for myself, I haven’t seen too many potholes on my routes that weren’t in place last fall. I will say that the entrance to the parking lot behind 224 E. Main, Ottawa, is a pretty jarring ride, up and down, as is the alley itself. I don’t know what’s going on with my car, but I’ll soon find out. It was new to me last spring, so I sincerely hope it’s nothing terminal. When I bought it, I was looking at fuel efficiency and something that would be conducive to loading two pot-bellied pigs for bimonthly veterinary visits. The gas mileage is good. The hatch opens nice and wide, the rear seat folds down and that hatch slams closed quickly enough that, once in, the more spry of the pigs is secured for the ride. Grocery bags can fit snuggling in the front seat with enough space between produce and snout that I can make it home with apples and carrots still in the bag.

The problem with the car is that it sits low to the road. This was not the winter for that. On more than one occasion I had to get down on my hands and knees to shovel, kick and punch compacted snow out from beneath the under carriage just so I could move forward, backward or in any direction at all. Round about the middle of February I noticed a lot of vehicle vibration beginning at 30 mph. I figured it was ice packed in the wheel wells. A trip through the car wash didn’t help much because both wax and water immediately froze. I drove out of the bay encased in an icy shell.

Now the snow drifts are gone, replaced by flash floods and mud, slimy muck on either side of the road that would slickly suck my little car into an abyss of subsoil if I leave the asphalt. Whatever is ailing my auto must be corrected since, as of the last snow-related tow in March, my AAA roadside emergency assistance is maxed out. Here’s hoping the weather holds until Dec. 31.