It's always funny to me how things always seem to work themselves out.

Over the last couple years, I've learned to put my trust in that very sentence and the beginning of this week it happened again.

Next week, my husband starts a new job. This is exciting but also brings about the chore of logistically getting the kids to and from school and a baby sitter. So, with that said I started my logistical challenge and honestly I had everything worked out in my head and they just had to play out as planned.

Well, as the story goes, that did not happen.

Stage one of my plan: Monday, Hailey and I had an interview with the principal of Blanchard Valley School to enroll her as a "typical" in their preschool's peer program. We had a nice meeting with "Mr. Steve" but left deflated when he requested I have Hailey tested for developmental delays before he enroll her.

In my mind, Hailey had to start next week because Stage two of my mind's plan was to call the old baby sitter for before school services.

Well, since Stage one fell through, stage two was not going to happen. So, I get in my car and do like any grown up would do and start pouting. In the mean time, I have a voice mail message on my phone.

It's from the preschool teacher of our home school telling me they have an opening and if I wanted to enroll Hailey they would be more than happy to take her.

So, to complete the enrollment process, I had to call someone at our local ESC office. It turns out that since Hailey missed the last assessment program (due to the flu), they've had her in mind all along and when the opening at her home school came about she was first on the list!

Whew, now my logistic battle continues. I'm elated about Hailey being accepted and it really is more convenient than hauling her to Findlay every day but now I just need to figure out a baby sitter for her in the morning and that same person to take her to school. I'm crossing my finger's a local stay at home mom runs the same route.

Don't worry, I have the next month to figure this out thanks to family rearranging their schedules for me.

I'm not worried though because things always seem to work themselves out.