A view of Columbus Grove to the south of the water tower, as viewed from near its top.
A view of Columbus Grove to the south of the water tower, as viewed from near its top. (photo submitted)

COLUMBUS GROVE — Over a year ago, the Village of Columbus Grove received a $17,000 quote for cleaning its water tower from an area construction company. With that price in mind, the village first considered doing the job itself, though it lacked the expertise, and working 135 feet in the air introduced obvious safety issues.

Then, Dane Jesko, owner of Just Go Dry, a local company better known for professional carpet care and air duct cleaning, offered to do the job at a significant cost savings from the initial quote. Though it took awhile to secure equipment and wait through weather delays, the tower is now very clean. It was previously worked on approximately five years ago when the tower was repainted.

Following the task’s completion, Mr. Jesko shared his perspective on the experience with The Sentinel.

“You’re up there, 120 feet roughly, and you can see quite a distance. It’s kind of fun,” he began. “Not something I want to do every day, but it was pretty interesting.”

As the proprietor of Just Go Dry, Mr. Jesko has seen and cleaned a number of “interesting” places. But, had he ever done anything quite like this before?

“8 a.m that morning was my first time going up that high,” he answers. “Honestly, being up that high in a lift is not an everyday occurrence for me. It was something I was going to figure out that morning, if I was going to be able to handle it or not. And, it really wasn’t all that bad. A few gusts of wind, here and there in the afternoon, but it went pretty smooth.”

“I guess I have a different state of mind,” he continues. “Once I was up there, and I had a point of reference with the water tower being right in front of me, it was just like washing a house. Just don’t pay attention to the 100 foot drop below you.”

“On the way up, and on the way down was out of the norm a little bit. Not having anything within arms reach, that was the only part that made me a little uneasy. It honestly wasn’t all that bad, I was expecting it to be a little worse. I’m happy with how it went.”

Mr. Jesko may be downplaying those ‘few gusts of wind’ a little bit. During Columbus Grove’s July 8 council meeting, Village Administrator Jeff Vance said, “After he got down there that night, while he was standing there, he said, ‘I felt like I was on a boat, rocking back and forth.’”

Mr. Vance also complemented the work, saying, “I think it looks pretty good. He did a nice job washing the water tower. Kudos to Dane Jesko and Just Go Dry for washing the tower.”

So, aside from the height, what was different about washing the tower compared to other jobs?

“I used a little bit stronger cleaning solution,” answers Mr. Jesko. “But, that’s just a ratio of mixing my cleaning chemicals. I just made it a little bit more potent. Basically, that decreases the amount of dwell time on the mildew and mold. So I’m not sitting there for 15 minutes, waiting for it to do its thing.”

“If you increase the potency, it’s more like a five minutes wait. I figured, the less I have to wait while sitting up there at 120 feet, the better. That was really it, just a little stronger mixture.”

“I did rent a little bit bigger of a pressure washing machine than I do on a typical house cleaning or for when we do driveways. But really, it was for the fact that I needed something that increase, not necessarily the water pressure, but the volume of water. That machine was able to do it. It allowed me to rinse the tower faster, plus it had a reserve tank that helped quite a bit.”

“Besides that, it was just like a normal house washing. Just a little dirtier than your average vinyl sided house. I basically just went in with the mindset that it’s all just mold and mildew. Just the same on the northside of most houses in the area that don’t get sunlight.”

So then, would he do it again?

“Yeah, to be honest with you, for how smoothly it went, yeah it’s something I’d like to do. I’m always looking to grow our services of what we’re able to do outside the scope of floor cleaning, upholstery and air duct cleaning, and into power washing. And, I don’t know how to put it, ‘cleaning higher?’…I know it’s not something we’re going to be doing daily. But, if it’s something we can do a handful of times a year, yeah, it’s definitely something I would be intrigued by.”

“I’m not sure how high I want to go, but I think 120 was right around my limit for that sort of thing. I don’t think there’s too much out there higher than that, maybe a few church steeples. I might pass some of that up. But, yeah, it’s definitely something I might consider in the future.”