PUTNAM COUNTY — The Putnam County Cancer Assistance Program is hosting a Purse and Gun BINGO on Saturday, January 15, 2022, at the Leipsic Fogle Center. CAP provides funds for Cancer Fighting Patients and Putnam County. It is 100% volunteer based, meaning that 100% of the funds raised goes directly to the people you know fighting cancer. Every year, CAP holds an auction to raise funds to go along with the enormous amount of donations received throughout the year to continue to fund this cause. Unfortunately, the auction in 2020 and 2021 was cancelled due to the Pandemic and the organization is in need of funds to continue down this course that began in 2004 with simple gas cards.

Please join us on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022 by reaching out to us at 419.235.6487 to purchase tickets!

What is CAP?

• The CAP program was established in 2004 for residents in Putnam County, Ohio only.

• All money raised by the CAP program stays here in Putnam County, Ohio.

• The CAP program is completely volunteer based and all money raised and donated goes toward helping those with cancer.

• Assistance from CAP is simple to apply for, completely confidential and there are NO INCOME GUIDELINES.

• The CAP program is a 501C3 non•profit organization that is funded through donations, fundraisers, memorials, the United Way and our annual Auction & Dance Benefit.

• In 2020 CAP assisted 120 cancer patients in Putnam County, paying out over $113,000 in financial assistance.

• CAP assists cancer patients with prescription expenses related to treatment, including chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer related medications not covered by Insurance.

• CAP also assists with mileage expenses to and from treatments and mileage for testing related to cancer and also supply reimbursement for items such as wigs, nutritional supplements, medical supplies, etc.