CAPE CANAVERAL, FL — The adjacant photo was taken from Titusville, Fl., directly across from the Apollo 11 launch site by the parents of Janine Keller of Leipsic. She is the youngest of Dale and Lucille Sands’ eight children, and was too young to remember the day herself. Mrs. Keller’s family used to vacation fairly often in Florida. Her mother told her that this trip to Cape Canaveral on July 16, 1969 was specifically for the launch.

Mrs. Keller’s grandparents emigrated from Belgium in 1920, settling in Leipsic. Her mother grew up there. Though she herself was born in Newark, Mrs. Keller’s family moved back to Leipsic when her father passed away. She now lives in Orlando, FL, approximately 50 miles from Cape Canaveral.

You can’t see much beyond the Indian River flowing in front of the folks in the photo. In a sense, this is what makes the picture interesting. Not what they were seeing, but who they were with. Normal Americans gathering to watch the launch of an historic effort.

Though some in the photo are likely to be from the area near the launch, many are just like Mrs. Keller’s family. They drove multiple hours and numerous miles for just the chance of a glimpse. All of them, for reasons of their own, recognized the importance of witnessing the launch that led to one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments to date.

Before Commander Armstrong could even hope to speak the words we all know, Mrs. Keller, her parents, and those whom fate chose to share this experience with them, understood the importance of the “one small step” they came to witness.