Traffic/June 29

Ernest Gonzales, 29, Findlay, pleaded guilty to driving under non-compliance suspension and was fined $1,000, $750 suspended.

Civil/June 30

Paul Moening, Kalida, to pay judgment of $587.02, plus interest and cost of suit totaling $95 to LVNV Funding, LLC, Greenville, S.C.

Maria E. Garcia, Ottawa, to pay judgment of $235.68, plus interest and costs to Bluffton Hospital, Findlay.

Maria E. Garcia, Ottawa, to pay judgment of $104, plus interest and costs to Blanchard Valley Med Practices, Findlay.

Maria E. Garcia, Ottawa, to pay judgment of $46.08, plus interest and costs to Blanchard Valley Health System, Findlay.

Traffic/July 3

Jane F. Klemm, 71, Glandorf, pleaded guilty to OVI, sentenced to 180 days jail, 177 days suspended, $750 fine, $375 suspended, one-year license suspension, six points, with credit for three days jail upon completion of DIP, and complete assessment at Pathways Counseling Center. Another charge of OVI was dismissed.

Civil/July 5

Susan M. Meyer, Ottawa, to pay judgment of $3,474.87, plus interest and costs to Capital One Bank, Richmond, Va.

Shane Paynter, Greenwich, to pay judgment of $12,053.82, plus interest and costs to Shannon M. Niese, Ottawa.

Criminal/July 6

William H. Lucas IV, 18, Columbus Grove, pleaded guilty to criminal mischief, sentenced to 60 days jail, suspended, fined $250, and pay $29.20 restitution to St. Anthony School, Columbus Grove, must perform 100 hours community service within 180 days.

Andrew D. Wright, 38, Lima, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of attempted assault, sentenced to 90 days jail, suspended, and fined $250.


Susana Garcia, 36, Sidney, speeding, $50 fine.

Staci L. Spencer, 40, Vaughnsville, speeding, $50 fine.

Devin M. Pedroza-Hiegel, 18, Leipsic, speeding, $60 fine.

David T. White, 60, Leipsic, right-of-way/stop sign/yield signs, $60 fine

Carrie M. Bearman, 19, Hillsdale, Michigan, speeding, $50 fine.

Destiny R. Viars, 21, Oakwood, speeding, $80 fine.

Katline M. Everett, 18, Milford, Michigan, speeding, $50 fine.

Destiny U. Perkins, 20, Lima, speeding, $60 fine.

Marvin L. Warnimont, II, 45, Ottawa, signals rev. lanes, $50 fine.

Courtney C. Mitchell, 25, Ottawa, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Darrell J. Muldoon, 43, Monroeville, Indiana, speeding, $50 fine.

John P. Hague, 31, Rockford, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Talina R. Fields, 30, Van Wert, speeding, $50 fine.

Coty A. Helstad, 25, Lima, speeding, $60 fine.

Thomas E. Cripe, 46, Blacklick, speeding, $60 fine.

Kimberlee A. Coffman, 45, Northwood, speeding, $50 fine.

Estil L. Hatfield, 31, Oakwood, speeding, $50 fine.

Anthony R. Ellerbrock, 24, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Benjamin R. Ramirez, 18, Columbus Grove, speeding, $50 fine.

Jane M. Warren, 58, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.

Dianna M. Kerner, 52, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Arthur J. Zimpfer, 56, Botkins, speeding, $50 fine.

Brandy J. Hollstein, 37, Elida, speeding, $50 fine.

Taylor Richelle Niese, 20, Defiance, speeding, $50 fine.

Nasulloev Dilshop, 43, Panama City, Florida, failure to obey traffic control device, $50 fine.

Patricia Agner, 69, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.

Mary Allison D. Knowlton, 21, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.

Nancy E. Bickford, 65, Findlay, speeding, $50 fine.

Taylor A. Mansfield, 23, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.

Richard Siefer, 64, Cloverdale, speeding, $60 fine.

Jestin A. Davis, 30, Hicksville, speeding, $80 fine.

Ryan M. Vance, 36, Avon Lake, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Douglas M. Grime, 48, Defiance, speeding, $50 fine.

Guillermo Hernandez, Ottawa, driving without valid license, $150 fine.

Michael V. Evans, 24, Ottawa, tinted windows, $50 fine.

Shannon M. Kimmet, 45, Leipsic, speeding, $50 fine.

Bradley S. Schnipke, 27, Leipsic, tinted windows, $50 fine.

Evan N. Cherry, 22, Columbus, speeding, $50 fine.

Joann M. Kraft, 37, Ft. Jennings, speeding, $100 fine.

Alexandra M. Morrow, 23, Van Wert, speeding, $50 fine.

Stanley L. Macke, 62, Findlay, speeding, $50 fine.

Kimberly J. Greear, 42, Defiance, speeding, $50 fine.

Elizabeth Mayer, 22, Defiance, speeding, $50 fine.

Andrea R. Branham, 42, Dupont, speeding, $50 fine.

Joseph G. Mayer, 22, Defiance, speeding, $60 fine.

Spencer J. Batt, 21, Defiance, speeding, $60 fine.

Joseph F. Kelsey, 47, Woodburn, Indiana, speeding, $50 fine.

William R. Barlage, 80, Leipsic, speeding, $50 fine.

Luke R. Sullivan, 22, Continental, ATV on roadway, $60 fine.

Roger C. Hanneman, 61, Columbus Grove, seat belt driver, $40 fine.

Holly M. Stainbrook, 39, Pandora, speeding, $50 fine.

Michael V. Moorman, 29, Central Falls, Rhode Island, speeding, $50 fine.

Danika N. Gilmore, 25, Lima, speeding, $50 fine.

Jade T. Jennings, 25, Cloverdale, speeding, $50 fine.

Triana G. Martinez, 18, Leipsic, speeding, $50 fine.

Sabrina L. Barrere, 38, Leipsic, tinted windows, $50 fine.

Thomas A. Campbell, 56, Lima, seat belt driver, $40 fine

Kent J. Jerwers, 31, Huron, speeding, $50 fine.

John T. Rhodes, 57, Ft. Jennings, flr. display reg./expired plates, $50 fine.

Cathy A. Turnwald, 59, Cloverdale, speeding, $60 fine.

Christopher M. Adams, 25, Ft. Jennings, speeding, $75 fine.