Traffic/Jan. 28

Saul R. Maldonado, 31, Connors, pleaded guilty to driving under FRA non-compliance and was fined $250.

Criminal/Feb. 3

Larry J. Burkhart, 75, Cloverdale, charged with rape, a felony, bound over to common pleas court.

Traffic/Feb. 3

Joshua L. Hurles, 31, Delphos, pleaded guilty to driving under OVI suspension, sentenced to 180 days jail, 150 days suspended, fined $250 and one-year license suspension. A charge of speeding was dismissed.

Traffic/Feb. 4

Mary A. Smith, 56, Cloverdale, pleaded guilty to OVI second offense, sentence to 180 days jail, 154 days suspended, fined $1,000, $475 suspended, and three-year license suspension with credit for six days jail upon completion of DIP, and complete alcohol and drug assessment. A charge of left of center was dismissed.

Devin M. Leitner, 21, Defiance, pleaded guilty to OVI, sentence to 180 days jail, 177 days suspended, fined $750, $375 suspended, one-year license suspension, with credit for three days jail upon completion of DIP. A charge of marked lanes was dismissed.

David Kuhlman, 63, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of reckless operation nd was fined $150. A charge of stop sign was dismissed.Traffic/Jan. 28


Fines listed do not include filing fees.

Jack Coyne, 21, Lima, speeding, $50 fine.

Aaron Basinger, 25, Dexter, Michigan, right-of-way/stop sign/yield sign, $50 fine.

Paul Polutnik, 66, Lima, speeding, $50 fine.

Caleb Wallen, 19, Napoleon, speeding, $50 fine.

Mario Garcia, 23, Ottawa, tinted windows, $50 fine.

David Miller, 68, Ottawa, speeding, $60 fine.

Dennis Korney, 65, Continental, speeding, $50 fine.

Caitlin Ricker, 29, Columbus Grove, speeding, $60 fine.

Gregory Kortokrax, 48, Ottoville, speeding, $50 fine.

Stephanie Langhals, 35, Ottawa, speeding, $50 fine.

Jeffrey Granda, 52, Springboro, tinted windows, $50 fine.

Gabrial Harper, 23, Lima, speeding, $100 fine.

Joshua Dean, 40, Marion, right of way left turn, $50 fine.

Castro Felix, 51, Hialeah, Florida, speeding, $50 fine; driving under FRA/non-compliance suspension, $150 fine.

Jacob Childs, 33, College Corner, speeding, $60 fine.

John Miller, 86, Continental, speeding, $50 fine.

Alexandra Torres, 37, Ottawa, speeding, $80 fine.

Braxton Horton, 23, Dayton, speeding, $60 fine.

Victoria Hernandez, 29, Napoleon, right-of-way/stop sign/yield signs, $50 fine.

Michael Wagers, 24, Lima, driving under FRA/non-compliance suspension, $150 fine; expired registration/plates, $50 fine.

Steven Bendele, 42, Saint Charles, Michigan, speeding, $50 fine.

Timothy Arnone, 21, Lima, speeding, $50 fine.

Troy Csomos, 21, Leipsic, right of way left turn, $50 fine.

Rachael Young, 31, Middletown, speeding, $80 fine.

Kayla May, 32, Lima, seat belt driver, $30 fine.

Luke Hermiller, 58, Ottawa, seat belt driver, $30 fine.

Jennifer Proctor, 41, Pandora, right-of-way/stop sign/yield signs, $50 fine.

Ronald Baker, 51, Canal Winchester, seat belt driver, $30 fine.

William Volquez, 47, Euless, Texas, failure to control, $60 fine.

Sherri Sherman, 52, Pandora, speeding, $50 fine.

Eric Peters, 40, Venedocia, speeding, $50 fine.

Mickey Halker, 43, Columbus Grove, failure to reinstate license, $150 fine.

Michael Turgon, 46, Lima, speeding, $60 fine.

Donald King, 52, Walbridge, speeding, $80 fine.

Jeffery Smith, 49, Temperance, Michigan, speeding, $100 fine.

Daniel Kellermyer, 43, Defiance, speeding, $80 fine.

Kenneth Tarter, 42, Osawatomie, Kansas, speeding, $60 fine.

Mark Fruchey, 56, Bluffton, speeding, $50 fine.