Aaron Burgei, Lot 12 Wannemacher Subdivision Monterey Township, to Renee Burgei

Renee Burgei, Lot 12 Wannemacher Subdivision Monterey Township, to Renee Burgei Trust

Jared Niese and Bethany Niese, 1.044 acres Palmer Township, to Jared Niese and Bethany Niese

Todd Schroeder and Rachel Schroeder, Lot 1028 Ottawa, to Levi Creamer and Korynne Hermiller

Matthew Herman and Teresa Herman, Lot 460 Leipsic, to Paul Herman and Timothy Herman

Elizabeth Birkemeyer, Lot 189 Glandorf, to Gary Birkemeyer Trust, Beth Heuerman Trust, and Elizabeth Birkemeyer Trust

Juan Pardo, Lots 346 and 347 Ottawa, to Valencia Ludwick

James Lammers Trust, Julie Kahle Trust, and Norman and Jane Lammers Family Trust, 2.02 acres Liberty Township, to Evan Ellerbrock and Nicole Warnimont

TMBL Properties LLC, .094 acre Van Buren Township, to Aplonio Moreno Jr and Kathryn Moreno

Jodi Schroeder, .56 acre and Lot 1 Schmenk Subdivision Leipsic, to Roger Schroeder

Kenneth Rumschlag and Nancy Rumschlag, Lot 5 Fort Jennings, to Tiffany Korte

Douglas Verhoff, Lot 29 Greensburg Township, to Douglas Verhoff and Barbara Verhoff

Thomas Liebrecht and Michelle Liebrecht, Lot 957 Ottawa, to Deana Boecker

Thomas Clementz and Mary Ann Clementz, .75 acre and .25 acre Perry Township, to Ron Relue and Tammy Relue

Megan Miehls and David Miehls, Lot 828 Columbus Grove, to Ashley Davis

Jay Warnement and Mollie Warnement, Lot 543 Kalida, to David Miehls and Magan Miehls

Elma Kaufman, Ronald Kaufman, Karen Heidenescher, Larry Kaufman, Dennis Kaufman, Timothy Kaufman, Barbara Brinkman, Kent Kaufman, Linda Kaufman, Thomas Brinkman, Kathy Kaufman, Richard Heidenescher, Tamara Kaufman, and Jacci Kaufman, 6.192 acres Monterey Township, to Timothy Kramer and Natasha Kramer

Richard Scheckelhoff, Lot 533 Ottawa, to Lauren Niese Trust and Richard Scheckelhoff Trust

Matthew Schroeder, and Leanne Schroeder, Parcel 2 Schroeder Subdivision and .227 acre Liberty Township, to Jackson Lammers and Kasey Tripp

Albert Morales Jr and Tracy Morales, Lots 177 and 178 Columbus Grove, to Caleb Verhoff

JoAnn Schimmoeller and Paul Schimmoeller, 3.0 acres Jackson Township, to Paul Schimmoeller

Cecilia Klausing, Lot 1223 Ottawa, to Bryan Kuhlman and Carly Alt

Adam Lammers, Lots 8, 9, and 10 Miller City, to Natasha Verhoff

Julie Gutman, 1.062 acres Monroe Township, to James Gutman

Sammy Peanut LLC, 2.097 acres Jennings Township, to Gregory Inkrott

Gregory Inkrott, 2.097 acres Jennings Township, to Luke Inkrott and Maggie Inkrott

Constance Baker, Shelley Cawthorne, and Robert Baker, .008 acre Sugar Creek Township, to Matthew McKee and Catina Vanatta