KALIDA — A Putnam County resident is headed to Orlando, Florida, to compete in a national competition.

Ashley Reindel will be competing in the National Special Olympics. The competition is June 5 to June 12. The USA Games is hosted once every four years and, for the first time in its history, will have 19 Olympic-style team and individual sports and thirty events throughout the event.

Ashley will join more than 5,500 athletes and coaches from all fifty states and the Caribbean. She will be competing in three categories including the 400-meter walk, 100-meter walk and the mini-javelin. Competing is not new to Reindel. She has 175 medals from local and state competitions. This includes 108 medals, 44 silver medals and 23 bronze medals. She has competed in track and swim events.

When speaking at Ottawa Kiwanis, Reindel said she has been competing in track and field events for 21 years. She told club members she was excited about the opportunity to compete on the national level.

Christine Leathem, advisor for People First in Putnam County, told Kiwanis members that Ashley may be the first Putnam County resident that has competed at the national level in special Olympics.

Ashley serves as the treasurer of the People First in Putnam County. People First is a self-advocacy group for people with disabilities. She is also employed at Dick’s Steak House.